What Clients are saying

Justin F.

I am a 25 year old guy. I study at an art school, go to comedy clubs, meet friends at dive bars, work at an ice cream shop....people often call me a "hipster" (though I have no idea what that means anymore). These details are superflous, but I mention them to enforce the idea that Reiki is for ALL types. Its a powerful healing tool that I deeply encourage everyone to at least try once. I sought it out because I wanted to be healthier in mind and spirit, and I was looking to pursue "alternative" avenues to achieve the such. After receiving Reiki, I've realized there's a lot more going on in our bodies than most of us realize. There's only so much pills, diet, and lifestyle choices can do for us. Reiki heals on physical, emotional, and spiritual planes. The quality of my life has increased considerably since starting my Reiki sessions with Marie. I experience great peace on a daily basis, I feel grounded and connected with the world around me, my relationships with people are deep and genuine, I laugh a lot, and I have great confidence in myself as a participant in Life's designs. Marie is an incredibly down to earth, welcoming, and wise woman. I felt immediately at ease walking into her center. She's very perceptive and sensitive, knowing at a deep level which parts of my self need healing. Marie is a Reiki Master in two senses. Not only is she adequately trained and experienced, but she has found the balance and intuition to make Reiki a very human and personal experience for her clients. Each session I've had with her has left me with new seeds of wisdom, messages she's channeled from above, which have flowered my life with much serenity and growth. The main thing I leave with, and the reason why I believe people like Marie are angels, is great insight on how to make being alive a truly enjoyable and loving experience!

Audrey C.

I was fortunate to experience a reiki session with Marie last month. I was unsure what to expect as I had heard a little about reiki but had never had any personal experience. As soon as I walked in I was at ease as Marie is one of the most peaceful and kind people I have ever met. I was told what the session would involve and asked if I had any questions. My session with Marie left me feeling both calm and energized, I"m not sure how that works but it's the truth. I felt a feeling an overwhelming sense of peace throughout the rest of my day. I look forward to going back and highly recommend others check Zaanti out!!

Sherry K.

Magical and transformational are two words I would use to describe my reiki session with Marie. She is an extraordinarily kind, intuitive, and gifted healer. The reiki space is calming and relaxing. It's easy to tune-out the rest of the world and with Marie's guidance and energy, turn inward for healing, answers, and spiritual alignment. It really is a life-altering experience. Highly recommended!

Monique S.

I recently took a class in Reiki 2 and it change my life! Marie the Reiki Master was very serene and caring. The group was small which I loved and I met really wonderful people as well. The course involved group Reiki and all students were attuned with both Reiki masters Marie & Delphina. The attunement process felt like a deep meditation/Clearing sensation if that makes sense. Lastly, the vegetarian lunch was delicious! I will definitely be coming back for my masters in the future! Can't wait to use my new certification in Reiki 2!

Gretchen H.

I find that Reiki provides me with a real release for a lot of stress I tend to harbor. It's a very cathartic experience and I feel very peaceful afterwords.

Sandra F.

I had heared about Reiki from different people before but never had the chance to try it. A friend of mine recommended Marie and Delphina and thought this was the right place to give it my first try. I have to say I wasn't disappointed. Besides being extremely welcoming, the material was organized and easy to digest. The class started by sharing personal experiences, which allowed people to understand where each one was coming from, we learned about the history and then dove into practicing. My personal experience was great. I was a bit skeptic at first, but after a while I started feeling things I had never experienced before. Our class had beginners as well as experienced practitioners. We all got something from the class. I highly recommend taking the class with them. You not only get to learn and practice Reiki, but you also become part of a connected community.