Reiki Masters class

Reiki Masters class

This Reiki Masters class will be led by two Reiki Masters, Marie and Delphina, who have both been teaching Reiki for over 10 years.

Once you complete your Reiki Master attunement, you'll be able to activate the Master Symbol. And you are able to give Reiki I, II and Master Level attunements.

Some changes that may occur after a Master Level Attunement:

  • Your Healing Energy will flow stronger and vibrate at a higher, more intense level.
  • You'll have a Master Symbol that will intensify your other Reiki Symbols
  • You may become more intuitive and psychic.
  • All the qualities of Reiki are enhanced by the use of the Master symbol.

You leave class with a Masters level certificate and a manual, fully trained to teach Reiki.

Participants of our Reiki classes are emailed invitations to our Reiki Shares. We host a free Reiki Share at our office on Sundays every couple of months.

( Class Prerequisite - Reiki Level II certification)

The next Reiki Masters class is on Saturday, Jan 13 from 1pm – 6pm

Online price $300$325 full price

You must be 18 years of age to enroll in the workshops